We provide a positive, competitive yet inclusive, player oriented atmosphere where players of all ages learn not only the skills and strategies of the game, but the importance of team work, sportsmanship, camaraderie and honor.

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Stanwood Lacrosse does not have a loaner or rental program.

We happily take in used or outgrown gear to pass on to new players.

If you have gear to donate, contact a head coach or VP.

If you need gear, contact your head coach.

Required gear:
Helmet with NOCSAE sticker, non-clear mouthpiece, shoulder pads, elbow guards, gloves, cleats
Note: HS helmets and gloves are required to be red

Suggested gear:
Second mouthpiece, rib pads, second pair of cleats, second stick


Here are suggestions for purchasing gear:


  • Lacrosse.com
  • Lacrossemonkey.com
  • Sportstop.com 
  • Craigslist, where you can always find someone selling their used gear. Once on the sight, type "lacrosse" in the search bar and viola, you're there.
  • Beginners:  Many stores offer "beginner" or "starter" packages-- for a good price.  They make it easy to shop for your gear.